CST/Berger 57-LMH600PKG Self-Leveling Slope Laser Package

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1050 USD
CST/Berger 57-LMH600PKG Self-Leveling Slope Laser Package
05-04-2012 jakarta

Price : $1,050.00
A Top Selling Contractors Complete Indoor & Out Door Laser Level Kit! The CST/Berger 57-LMH600-PKG Electronic Self Leveling Horizontal/Vertical Dual Beam Rotary Laser Level with Manual Grade offers fast and simple leveling power to handle your toughest jobs with less manpower. With as little as one button operation, the 57-LMH600-PKG laser level levels itself horizontally and vertically via electronic sensors interfaced with motors and precision software eliminating the need for re-leveling or rechecks. No more fussing with leveling screws or level bubbles. Just press the "ON" button and you are ready to go in a matter of seconds. The built in Anti-Drift System (ADS) or height of instrument alert provides peace of mind when working on busy job sites, by alerting the operator that the instrument has been moved due to tripod movement, accidental bumps or ground settling.


Additionally, the 57-LMH600-PKG Rotary Laser Level achieves an accuracy of 1/16" at 100ft and has a working range of up to 2000ft in diameter when used with the included laser detector. The 57-LMH600-PKG laser level has a self leveling range of +/-5 degrees (horizontal and vertical) which takes the guess work out of setting up the instrument. Just make sure that the 57-LMH600PKG laser level is laid on its side or on a tripod head that is generally level, and turn it on. The 57-LMH600-PKG laser level takes care of the rest. The 57-LMH600-PKG laser level has variable rotation speeds of 0, 150, 300 and 600RPM which makes the 57-LMH600-PKG laser level useful for not only general leveling with the detector and rod, but also when needing to project visible laser lines or chalk lines on walls, floors or surfaces. The 57-LMH600-PKG features Adjustable Laser Chalklines, Clockwise and Counter Clockwise beam positioning, Manual Grade up to +/-10% in both axis. The 57-LMH600PKG also features a unique Auto Beam Positioning system that positions the laser dot in a plumb down position when being used in the vertical mode allowing you to precisely position the 57-LMH600-PKG laser level over a reference point or mark. The 57-LMH600-PKG laser level is powered by 4 standard D-cell alkaline batteries which will power the unit for up to 75+ hours of continous operation, and the 57-LMH600-PKG laser level features a battery level indicator that will alert you when the power is running low. This keeps you up and running day in and day out. The 57-LMH600-PKG features an enclosed and sealed laser beacon that enables the unit to be used in almost all weather conditions.

Quick Specifications

1/16" @ 100ft Accuracy with a Working Range of 2000ft in diameter
5 Degree Self Leveling Range with Anti-Drift Warning System to keep you working without question
Variable Speed Rotation allows for better beam visibility
Dual Manual Grade of +/- 10% in both axis allow for grades and drainage control
2 Year Factory Warranty
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
4 - D CELL Batteries


57-LMH600PKG Rotary Laser Level
4-Alkaline Batteries
LD400 7-Channel Laser Detector
Detector Rod Bracket
Carrying Case
Level Rod
User's Manual

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1050 USD
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