I am seeking a female monkey to love

Soddy Daisy added on 09-09-2017, Classified number: 79053

I am seeking a female monkey to love
09-09-2017 Soddy Daisy

I well not looking be scam again i done all the research on them like in the state of Tennessee you do not need a permission slip to own a pet monkey you just cannot own apes or gorillas or a monkey that has no tail I looking for a person that has a pet monkey and wants a good home for her and we pay the switching of owner papers and pay for her flight to come to me him when I get her I can pay you back for the flight in owner papers work I can pay you for the monkey when she gets to my address but if youre seriously looking for a good home you would help me get the monkey to my address and when pass a cent from me because you know your monkeys in a good home like you wanted Im someone that will take care of a monkey and love of Mikey and watch TV with a monkey I am disabled Im someone that has all the time for a monkey Im the person who has no monkey has no kids 26 years old gay and no friends been scam twice to where Ive been broke for two months thinking that I monkey will show up at my address or I would get a call from the airport to come get her but they never come and I lose my money every time I just need someone that wants their monkey to go to a good loving home and doesnt matter about the money but a matters about their baby someone that wants someone to take pictures of them and send back to them for the process of their bonding with the me once I get your monkey and you send your monkey to my address if I can find a person that will do that I will not sell the monkey I will not breed the monkey but I will love the monkey as a baby I will always make sure that she is kept up and never into any trouble for this I sure you and tons of fruit and vegetables like bananas and watermelon and a bottle of milk boil chicken if theres anybody that will send me the monkey to my address and let me pay the shipping and handling and the flight fee and the paperwork and the monkey later when the monkey gets to my address and my address is 1901 Lakewood Avenue Soddy Daisy Tennessee 37379 me and my family have you ever been scammed so bad that you just dont even believe theres a monkey out there me and my family never seen the monkey Ive done lots of research on them because I thought I would have one but Ive not able to get one sent to my address I pray to Jesus and God and Yeshua everyday I even and Im crocheting a blanket for that Pat monkey but I have lost hope and everyone that asks me to just pay the shipping fight to get her to you I just dont trust that if the monkey shows up at my address or I could go pick her up at the airport like the airport could call me I dont mind paying for her monkey but if I have to pay and not get a monkey or not hold or touch a monkey in my arms Im not I cant pay no more Ive lost hope lost trust someone please help me someone please shoot me a monkey to my address for it would be a miracle to me and my family Im just so sick of being told youve been scammed and then I look up and try to get another monkey and my family say no thats a scammer thats a scammer dont send no money my family will only believe if someone would be so nice to pay for the on your paperwork the flight to get her to my address and we will be so glad and happy and Ill even take her to my cousin which is a veterinarian to make sure she is up-to-date is there anyone out there that would do that is there anyone out there that will pay for their baby monkey flight owner change over where am I have a monkey and I mean I pray Lord Jesus like yahshua a shallow banana hallelujah hallelujah amen please Lord let this be a safe for someone to see and find and in their heart to believe me and pay for the owner paperwork and the flight so their baby monkey can go to my home which I can love her and watch TV and go out in the sun with her watch the Stars I probably would never give her out of my arms I probably sleep with her too she will always be leash to me dont like putting her in the cage I would just Leisure to me and I would not let her eat anything no one would take her but me it would be like Ive never had kids so it would be like my first kid I would be so super careful and so attached and no one will ever know how much I really want a monkey god place out if you can find someone that will do that please let them call me at 423-760-0625 or email me at farristimmy2@gmail.com my address is 1901 Lakewood Avenue Soddy Daisy Tennessee 37379 my name is Timmy Alan Farris my age is 26 years old Im gay I have no kids Im disabled Ive never had a monkey but doesnt mean I dont know how to take care of a monkey and it doesnt mean that I dont have what it takes to keep a monkey it just means Ive been scammed and Ive been trying for a year the day that I posted this is on the the 9th month which is September the 8th and the year is 2017 if you know anyone that cannot take care of their monkey anymore please send it to me to my address please pay the owners change on the paperwork and please pay the flight to get her to my address and I dont mind paying for her if you want your money back if its about the money then I dont want your money instead I only want your monkey if its about the love and care for that monkey that means Im not a breeder and Im not a seller Im a person that wants to own a monkey that has been scammed for the love and to grow old with and my heart hurts and its broken

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Soddy Daisy, State Tennessee
Timmy Alan Farris
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