Double-Sided Timing belt

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Double-Sided Timing belt
21-07-2012 Putian

CRB Power Rubber Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer mainly producing conveyor belts and transmission belts since 1998. It is one of the best professional conveyor belts and transmission belts manufacturers in China.
Our Products
Transmission belt: Industry timing belt, Automotive timing belt, Double-Sided Timing belt, Banded v belt, Raw Edge V-belt, Endless belt, PU Timing belt, Poly rib belt,Flat belt, Pulley and so on.

Conveyor belt: Nylon conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Oil resistant conveyor belt, Crack conveyor belt, Acid And Alkaili Resisitant conveyor belt, Cold resisitant conveyor belt, Heat resisitant conveyor belt, High temperature conveyor belt, Antistatic resisitant conveyor belt, Tubular conveyor belt, Endless conveyor belt, Patterned conveyor belt, Pvc Flat hose
We CRB Power Belt Co.,Ltd are a leading company in producing transmission belt and conveyor belt. With the top quality and competitive price, we receive excellent reputation from all over the world. We can offer you nearly all types of belt. We also can according to your sample to produce new belt.
If you also do business in transmission or conveyor belt, if you interest our products, pls welcome you contact us. We will do our utmost to serve you. Welcome you contact us: ( www dot chinarubberbelt dot com) or
137ZBS230 145ZA180 153MR260 169S8M200 197YU260
137ZBS254 145Y216 153RU290 170YU220 200YU300
137ZBS300 145YU220 154RU290 170YU254 202YU300
137S8M190 146S8M200 154YU220 170YU300 207ZBS320
137S8M254 146ZA190 154ZBS300 173S8M180 207YU320
138ZA180 146MY254 154YU290 173YU180 209MY340
138ZA254 146YU190 155YU320 173YU220 211MY320
138YU150 146YU200 155YU190 173YU254 211S8M340
138MR285 146MR240 155YU240 173S8M300 211YU300
138S8M230 146RU300 156YU290 174RU280 218S8M320
139YU280 147RU320 157MR125 176RU280 219ZB254
139ZA180 147MR240 157MR230 176S8M240 219MR254
139ZA254 147S8M190 157RU254 177Y254 223S8M320
140YU254 147S8M254 157MR320 177YU300 226YU300
140RU254 148S8M254 158YU254 177MR254 228YU320
141ZA254 148ZA190 158RU320 178MY254 239YU254
141ZBS254 148RU230 159YU254 179MY320H 239S8M350
141ZBS300 148MR254 162S8M200 180ZA254 257YU320
141RU254 149ZB300 162S8M254 190YU240 259S8M320
141MR240 149ZBS300 162MY300 191MY360 265YU320
141MR280 149RU240 163MY240 191S8M320 281YU300
142S8M190 149MR254
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AV10X 510 AV13X 1900
AV10X 540 AV13X 1925
AV10X 550 AV13X 1950
AV10X 560 AV13X 1980
AV10X 570 AV13X 2015
AV10X 580 AV13X 2035
AV10X 595 AV13X 2050
AV10X 600 AV17X 725
AV10X 605 AV17X 735
AV10X 615 AV17X 750
AV10X 625 AV17X 760
AV10X 635 AV17X 775
AV10X 645 AV17X 785
AV10X 650 AV17X 800
AV10X 665 AV17X 815
AV10X 675 AV17X 825
AV10X 685 AV17X 840
AV10X 690 AV17X 850
AV10X 705 AV17X 865
AV10X 700 AV17X 875
AV10X 710 AV17X 890
AV10X 725 AV17X 900
AV10X 735 AV17X 915
AV10X 740 AV17X 925
AV10X 750 AV17X 940
AV10X 760 AV17X 950
AV10X 765 AV17X 965
AV10X 770 AV17X 975
AV10X 775 AV17X 990
AV10X 785 AV17X 1000
AV10X 787 AV17X 1010
AV10X 790 AV17X 1025
AV10X 800 AV17X 1040
AV10X 815 AV17X 1050
AV10X 825 AV17X 1065

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