In vitro fertilization in Cyprus.

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3000 USD
In vitro fertilization in Cyprus.
13-10-2019 New York

PGD choosing your child’s gender.
Egg donation.
Sperm Donation.
Embryo donation.
There are several reasons why you should choose our Obstetrics and IVF Center.
High rates of positive results.
High level of fertilization by world standards.
The ideal treatment, tailored specifically for everyone.
Each of you has much more significance for us than an ordinary patient.
The best specialists in their profile. Our team of specialists is ready at your service 365 days a year.
Accessible and reliable information.
Each married couple who has decided to be treated in our center, starting with the first consultation, will be informed in detail on all her questions.
Possibility of a program for those who are not officially married.
And also for people with a non-traditional orientation.

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3000 USD
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