Mr Kaler Kanth

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Mr Kaler Kanth
27-01-2012 Jalandhar

Mr Kaler Kanth is one of the famous upcoming Punjabi folk singers in this era. Punjabi folk singing and folk has made his mark not only in India but around the world. Punjabi music has such a magic in it that it makes everyone dance even if you don’t know how to dance. After seeing a lots of ups and downs in life and now shining bright amongst all the names in Punjabi folk music and the one who has never shown obscenity in his music and videos, that singer who is now the heart beat of millions of Punjabi listeners and the listeners of all sections have given him a great love, he has devoted himself to the Punjabi language, this is none other than the famous Kaler Kanth. Being a devoted discipline of famous singer Mr. R.P. Rana, Mr. Kaler Kanth learned all the minute details of singing of Punjabi folk songs and is one of the best Punjabi folk singers in this era. His sweet and melodious voice touches the heart of everyone and makes him a renowned folk singer in the world. Mr. Kaler Kanth has claimed success and is being praised for his contribution towards Punjabi Folk singing. Mr. Kaler Kanth has proved a true son of soi and becomes the ‘Voice of heart’. His video and audio songs speculate thousands of people around the globe. Some popular Video Songs by Mr. Kaler Kanth are Dil Di Gal Hai, Jaan,Dil, Hello Hello, Dukh, Duppata, Aadat, Galti, Wafaavan, Moti, Satt Kurmayian, Intezaar, Beeba Munda, Reejh E Avalli, Tusi Vasso, Kina Teri Yaad Ne, Pyaar De Hularay, Peyo, Tere Naina Varge Nain, Wafaavan, Das, Asi Kehra Tere Bina Mar. His famous Audio songs are Asi Kehra, Hun Teri Nigah, Pyar De Hulare, Reejh E Avalli,Tere Naina Varge,Teri Yaad Ne,Tu Chete Aaven,Tu Holi Holi,Tu Vakh Roven, Tussi Vasso, Intzaar, Dhan Dhan Khalsa, Anmol, Adat.
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