Automatic Remote Control Gate

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100 USD
Automatic Remote Control Gate
14-07-2011 Coimbatore

    Automatic gate control system which can be operated using a handy remote control. Gate lamp and flasher indications provided.

    Special Features of Swing Gate

    * Remote operated
    * Back up for 30 operations or 2 days
    * Optical flash light / musical indication for open and close
    * Mechanical lever to release gate on system failure
    * Automatically stops on blocking
    * Optional electromechanical lock

    Special Features of Sliding Gate

    * Self locking electro mechanical operators suitable for residential houses
    * Self breaking operator with electronic slow down function
    * Vertical and horizontal positions adjustable
    * Strong and easy to use unlock device with personalized key
    * Low maintenance required

    For more details contact
    Mr. Vinoth Kumar @ +917667067557
    Mail - id:

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    100 USD
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    Coimbatore, State Alabama
    vinoth kumar
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