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Wisagetech(www.8manage.com) was established in 2004, with headquarters in the U.S. and Hong Kong, a research center in Guangzhou and sales centers in America and Beijing. It is a leading provider of CRM, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Project Management solutions for organizations, with the goal of creating a unified business intelligence and collaboration environment.

Wisagetech’s co-founder and CEO, Stephen Law, has been working in the IT industry in U.S. and Hong Kong for over 30 years as a leading researcher and senior manager in a number of multinational enterprises and organizations, including HK Exchanges & Clearing Limited, InterWorld, Perot Systems Corp., City Bank, DEC, Perkins Elmer and Bell Labs. During those 30 years, he has accumulated a wealth of experience in business operation, enterprise management, and software development. In 2004, Stephen and three other experienced IT professionals returned to China and founded Wisagetech with the goal of developing a new generation of project management tools. A team of promising and ambitious engineers was assembled; their expertise and Stephen’s rich experience in the IT industry, especially in heading up the development of large-scale software rarely seen as well as his insights into the defects of management software in Europe, America and Japan, in 2007, led to the development of Wisagetech’s first management tool - 8thManage, which received immediate recognition and recommendations from well-known organizations.

Since its inception, Wisagetech has always been committed to the development of the highest quality and most cost-effective products. Wisagetech has acquired clients in different areas and industries, including telecommunications, transportation, and business from all over the world shortly after the official launch of 8thManage in June 2007. Some of its clients are Lockheed Martin Corporation, CapitalCare Medical Group, China Mobile Communications Corporation, Amway, China Automation Group Limited, Tsinghua University, Bank of Montreal, Singapore Mass Transit, i-Sprint Innovations, Hutchison Global Communications Limited (Hong Kong), Hutchison Whampoa Subsidiary Vanda Group and Netstock Financial Information Co.,Ltd.(Taiwan)

As business multiplies and the enterprise expands, information volume grows rapidly and goes far beyond what the spreadsheet management tool and fragmented systems of the past can handle. Intelligent workers increasingly must have useful information in real-time to make wise decisions with precision. Without the ability to see cause-and-effect relationships in business, enterprises can’t achieve effectiveness and efficiency in business operation and performance management.

8thManage is a management tool of a new generation, based on a transaction-processing platform that operates in real-time. It not only provides comprehensive features, including ERP, CRM, PM and PMO, but more importantly, all these modules are built on a common platform based on the One Design One System Principle, with a common database. Because business data from every user is “committed” through a password-authenticated mechanism, full data integrity is always assured. Furthermore, an intra-modular mechanism called Dynamic BBS is used to keep different structures of data, namely OBS (Organization Breakdown Structure), WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and FBS (Financial Breakdown Structure) fully linked and synchronized at all times. 8thManage overcomes the problem of data latency and inconsistency inherent in traditional applications and thus enables managers to make sound decisions based on integrated data in real-time. 8thManage not only does all this but also effectively reduces costs for enterprises by minimizing the complexity of system upgrades, eliminating the trouble of feature integration, and drastically decreasing the expenditures of system training, maintenance, and support.

Wisagetech provides products for enterprise business management in the following areas

8thManage CRM: State of the art Customer Relaionship Management Soluion
8thManage FAS: End-to-end Business Automaion and Integraion Soluion
8thManage Simple PM: Easy to Use, Cost Effecive Project Management Soluion
8thManage PM: Advanced Tool for Project Planning & Execuion
8thManage PMO: High Performance PMO for Enterprises
8thManage TOM: Total Outsourcing Management for Enterprises
8thManage PSA: Full Automaion for Professional Service Business
8thManage BIS: Comprehensive Customized Business Soluion


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