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Steven Derek
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San Diego, CA Captain Ross R. Kopp 50290 Main Street Cabazon , CA
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San Diego
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United States
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5592960350 Web :


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List of construction activities:

Site cleaning

Bore well digging

Site Marking

Sump construction

Soil digging for sump

Sump Construction

Foundation digging



Start carpenter work

Pillar base

Pillars until Plinths

Stone Foundation in paya

Plinths beam

Fill soil inside Plinths.

Filling cement and 40 MM Jelly on top of Soil -- this will be done inside plingth area

Setting up main door frame and other room door frames

Wall construction until window frame base

Setup all window frames based on its sizes until 7 feet from the floor

Setup lintel and saja

Wall construction until beams

Setup kitchen ventilator and bathroom ventilators

Sheet centring for beams and also roof

Fix sheets based on water level

Apply plaster for the gaps between sheets

Apply oil for sheets

Bar bending work for beams and roof

Inverter beams

Electric pipes setup inside roof


Storing water on top of the roof

After 18 days remove sheet centring

Hocking for the roof if not done for the pillars

Electric pipes

Clear any blockage in the roof pipes

Laying electric pipes in the walls and setup electric boxes

Plumbing work for kitchen and bathroom

Setup water pipes and sewage pipes till outside of the wall

Setup Indian latrine if you are going with this option

Water proofing for bathrooms

Close all water and sewage pipes with temporary caps

Setup kitchen platform and sink

Tiles laying in bathroom and kitchen for walls

Plastering of roof and walls inside

Plastering of outside walls

Applying putty for window frames

Fixing window frames

Granite Lying

Granite tiles Laying in bathroom if you are going with this option

Fixing bathroom fittings

Finishing outside plumbing work and tank

House Elevation


White wash inside house two cotes

Applying putty for internal walls

Apply one paint coating inside

Apply primer outside

Electric work

Electrical wiring

Dummy plate fixing/ electrical holders

Electrical switches setup

Apply paint coating outside

Laying electric service wire from pole to meter board

Fixing meters in panel board.

Digging pit for power earth

Digging pit

Motor & connection to tank

Parking tiles

Compound wall

Sewage lines to pit


Powertech Cash & Carry is a company specializes in car accessories and spare parts. These include:

Car Audio

Car Security System

Car Speaker



Gear Knob

Car Care

Car Lighting

Car Subwoofer

Car Cable Wire

Armrest Console

Clip/Casing Player


Air Freshener

Brake Light

Car Mat

Car Curtain

Sport Light/Fog Lamp

We have been in this field since many years ago. We have a dedicated team of colleagues taking on various roles and responsibilities to satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements. Our commitment to our existing clients has enabled us to gain new friends through the helpful recommendation from our existing ones.


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